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Background of establishment

The Center for Advanced School Education and Evidence-Based Research(CASEER) was established in 2017 by reorganizing the Center for Excellence in School Education founded in 2006. The Center for Clinical Research on School Development (the predecessor of the Center for Excellence in School Education) was founded in 1997 to help solve the actual problems in schools such as “bullying”, “school refusal”, “teacher training system”, “teacher’s stress”, “issue of academic achievement”, “support system for improving learning environment for better academic achievement.” In 2006, the Center for Clinical Research on School Development was reorganized as the Center for Excellence in School Education. This center, in cooperation with the newly established Department of Advanced Research in School Education in the Graduate School of Education, worked based on the collaboration with other universities / teacher training institutions, educational committees, schools in Japan and overseas. It was aimed at professional development of teachers, curriculum development and school improvement. The most recent reorganization in 2017 has been done to enhance the function to investigate the effect of secondary education. The newly established Center for Advanced School Education and Evidence-Based Research promotes further development of school education with the two core units, “Global Research Unit” and “Evidence-Based Research Unit”.


Divisions and Units


Division of Global Research” is a unit that promotes research related to internationalization of education, and supports young researchers to participate in the international academia. Specifically, we conduct overseas training of young researchers collaborating with partner universities abroad, holding international symposiums, accepting overseas researchers and delegations. The Young Scholar Training Program (YSTP) is a program run by this unit to support doctorate students in the Graduate School of Education to conduct research projects on a theme set every two years. The research outcomes are presented at a joint international symposium with the University of Stockholm. YSTP is a continued project since 2008, contributing to mutual exchange of graduate students between two universities.

Division of Evidence-Based Research” is a new division that aims at establishing the foundation of empirical evidence-based research through investigating the effect of secondary education and higher education, in close collaboration with the secondary school attached to the Graduate School of Education (affiliated schools) and University of Tokyo. In secondary education research unit,  we conduct panel surveys of the students and graduates of the affiliated schools and build and manage a research platform that contributes to the investigation of the effect of various educational programs in the attached school, for evidence-based development of educational systems and policies such as those related to deep active learning.



Organization Chart

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  • Division of Global Research      c-kodoka[at]p.u-tokyo.ac.jp/+81(0)3 5841 1749
  • Division of Evidence-Based Research  c-kouka[at]p.u-tokyo.ac.jp/+81(0)3 5841 8734