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Research Bulletin Vol.1 (2015)


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Message from the Dean

Toshiyuki Omomo, Dean,Graduate School of Education  1

Ryoko Tsuneyoshi,Director of Center for Advanced School Education and Evidence-Based Research  2


Young Scholars Training Program,Joint International Symposium with Stockholm University “Education in the Era of Globalization”

Faculty research paper

Global Talent, Intercultural Understanding, and “Englishization”: A Preliminary View

Ryoko Tsuneyoshi  5-24

International Competition and Cooperation in Higher Education in East Asia: Some reflection based on the concept of “knowledge diplomacy”

Yuto Kitamura  25-53


Working Paper Series in Young Scholar Training Program 2014

A Review on Multicultural Education Programmes in Initial Teacher Training in England

Yoko Morito 54-70

A Comparison of the Japanese and British Systems of Parental Participation in Schools and Educational Administration :

Through Observations of School Boards and School Forums in the United Kingdom

Kosuke Kasai  71-84

Development of a Mental Health Literacy Program for Secondary School Students and Its Effects:

In-school Mental Health Literacy Education

Yasutaka Ojio  85-106

A Study on the Positioning of Local Culture in School Education :

A Case Study of Amami City Kasari Junior High School

Chinami Sugiura 07-120

Endogenous Attributions of Picture-Book Reading in the Early Childhood Education :

Their Implications for Teachers’ Professional Development and Children’s Learning

Takayo Sugimoto 121-141

Citizenship Education in an Age of Measurement (1) :

How did the Japanese Educational Researchers Discuss about Educational End(s), Evaluation, and Ability?

Shinpei Kuwajima, Akira Yanagibashi, Kotaro Abe, Ryoji Nagai, Kengo Nishimoto 142-153

Citizenship Education in an Age of Measurement (2) :

Toward a New Paradigm of Evaluation in Citizenship Education

Kotaro Abe, Ryoji Nagai, Kengo Nishimoto, Shinpei Kuwajima, Akira Yanagibashi 154-165


About Young Scholar Training Program

The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Education, Global Leadership Development “Sweden Training Program

Yuto Kitamura 166-168

Announcement Summary

Akiko Takeuchi  169-173

After the Young Scholar Training Program 2014

Hideki Ito 174-174


Working paper for CASEER related projects

The AmerAsian School in Okinawa

Ryoko Tsuneyoshi, Hideki Ito 175-187

Schools Supporting the Migrant Population in Japan:

The Night Junior High Schools

Maiko Sumino 188-202

Incorporating Foreign Students in Japanese Public Schools:

The Case Study of Two Elementary Schools in Gunma

Tate Kihara 203-217

Educational Supports for Immigrant Children:

Focusing on Programs by Voluntary Sectors

Hikaru Ishiwata 218-230


CASEER related project Research Summary

”An Overview of Theoretical and Empirical Studies on Governance Reform and Educational Quality Assurance”(Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, A) Research Summary

Toshiyuki Omomo  231-232

”The 21st Century International Educational Models Project”(Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, A) Research Summary

Ryoko Tsuneyoshi  233-233

“An Empirical Study on “Knowledge Diplomacy” and the Internationalization of Higher Education in Asia”(Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, A) Research Summary

Yuto Kitamura 234-239