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Research Bulletin Vol.2 (2016)


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Message from the Dean

Toshiyuki Omomo, Dean,Graduate School of Education  1

Masahiro Nouchi,Director of Center for Advanced School Education and Evidence-Based Research  2


Working Paper Series in Young Scholar Training Program 2015


Personality-based Admissions in Elite Colleges:

The Case Study of Medical Colleges in Japan

Naoko Motohama/The University of Tokyo 5

Rethinking Education as “the Social”:

How “the social” be political, and in what scene?

Mayuko Ishigami, Azusa Egawa, Satoshi Eguchi,
Tomoki Tanaka, Yasuhiro Suzuki, and Sunji Lee
/The University of Tokyo 

Study about Design for a Lesson Using Collaborative Learning:
Focusing on Personal Perspectives and School Culture

Keiichi Kodama/The University of Tokyo  64

Action Research on Teachers at Unified Elementary through Junior High School
for Dealing with “New Comer” Children:
To spread the education policy by collaboration with teachers and researchers,
taking bottom-up approach

Teruyo Ishijima and Tetsuya Obayashi
/The University of Tokyo  81

Characteristics of Multiple-University Enrollment in Cambodia:
A case study in two universities

Shoma Aota/The University of Tokyo 100


Faculty research paper

Diversity in Higher Education Institutions:
An Analysis of the New Carnegie Classification in the United States

Hideto Fukudome/The University of Tokyo 117


Working paper for CASEER related projects

◆The 21st Century International Educational Models Project

Cleaning as Part of TOKKATSU: School Cleaning Japanese Style

Ryoko Tsuneyoshi, Kanako Kusanagi, and Fumiko Takahashi

/The University of Tokyo 138


◆Study of “Knowledge Diplomacy” and Internationalization of Higher Education Project

The Regional Disparity on Students’ Career Path and Future Perspective in Cambodia:

Interviews with Students, Teachers, and Guardians

 Eri Nakamura, Akiko Harada, Emi Okabe,Rei Morita,

Yiping Zhang, Haruna Ishimaru,Mio Kondo and Kenji Kitamura

/The University of Tokyo  150

Life-History on Teacher’s Self-Perception about their motivations in Cambodian Universities

 Megumi Ebisuya, Junzhe Wang and Sachiho Funabashi

/The University of Tokyo 165

Why Do Cambodian University Students Learn East Asian Languages?

Focusing on Motivations under the Local Linguistic Ecology in Tourist Destination

Shoma Aota/The University of Tokyo

Saki Kishimoto/Embassy of Japan in Brunei Darussalam

Masato Sato /Sophia University 180


Activity Reports

◆About Young Scholar Training Program

 Report on the Young Scholar Training Program 2015 

 Kanako Kusanagi 195

◆About the Panel Survey of Affiliated Schools

【Report1】Summary of the Panel Survey of Affiliated Schools and Report on the Status of Database Development

Yoshiharu Yamamoto and Ichiro Hidaka  196

【Report2】The Current State of Graduation Research Guidance in Affiliated Secondary Schools and Exploration of Issues

Masahiro Nouchi,Shinji Okihama and Takashi Ishibashi  198