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Research Bulletin Vol.3(2017)


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Message from the Dean

Shigeo Kodama, Dean,Graduate School of Education  1

Masahiro Nouchi,Director of Center for Advanced School Education and Evidence-Based Research  2


Working Paper Series in Young Scholar Training Program 2016

Rethinking the History of Inclusive Education in Japan:

Focusing on the Movement towards Inclusive Education in the 1970s

Masayuki Watanabe, Yasuhiro Suzuki and Saki Takahashi /The University of Tokyo 5

Construction of Reciprocal Equality for Inclusive Society:
Analysis of the Social Identities of Students with and without Low Vision within Interschool Interaction

Yusuke Kusumi and Takayuki Koike/The University of Tokyo  15

Comparative Research on Parents’ Selection of Preschool
Education between Japan, South Korea and China

Hwangseok Ryu, Qiaohui Fan and Madoka Nakano/The University of Tokyo 30

A Research on Readable Japanese Typography for Dyslexic Children and Students:

Creating Japanese Typefaces for Dyslexic Readers

Shohei Yamada and Xinru Zhu /The University of Tokyo 50

Does Considering “Insufficient Solution” Facilitate Problem Solving?:
An Experimental Study on Plane Geometry Tasks

Kento Okosh /The University of Tokyo 71

Korean Policy toward International Students and Diversification:
The Diversification of International Students at Korean Universities

Ayako Tsukada/The University of Tokyo  107

The International Comparison of “Participation” in Political Education:
Focusing on the practices of political education in Japan, the United States, and Denmark

Akiko Harada, Meguru Inoue, Kengo Nishimoto,
So Fujieda, Kazuki Uematsu, Ryoichi Furukawa,
Keigo Nakada, Miki Hamada, and Kei Miura /The University of Tokyo 127

Have “the Diversification of Evaluation methods” in the Employment of
Teachers Caused the Standardization of Teachers?:

With the Prefecture-panel Data Analysis by a Fixed Effects Model

Mugiho Maeda/The University of Tokyo  175

Understanding of diversity in childhood:

A developmental study and examination of a facilitative intervention

Shinnosuke Ikeda, Eriko Ota and Mari Fukuda/The University of Tokyo  189


Activity Report

Young Scholar Training Program 2016

Kanako Kusanagi/The University of Tokyo  207