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Research Bulletin Vol.4(2018)


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Message from the Dean

Shigeo Kodama, Dean,Graduate School of Education  1

Takayasu Nakamura,Director of Center for Advanced School Education and Evidence-Based Research  2


Working Paper Series in Young Scholar Training Program 2017


The diversification of elderly care in Japan:

A content analysis of the textbooks

Yuma Suzuki /The University of Tokyo  5

LGBTQ Teachers’ Thoughts and Practices for Gender and Sexual Diversity

Rie Arima, Kazuki Uematsu, Yu Ishizuka, Moe Shizuta/The University of Tokyo  19

Some Model Comparisons in Cognitive Diagnostic Models

Relatively Small Sample Situation with Simulation Study

Kazuhiro Yamaguchi  /The University of Tokyo  34

Difficulties and Needs of LGBT Students at the University of Tokyo:

A Qualitative Focused-Group Interview

Ryosuke Kobayashi, Jihye Kim and Yuma Sato /The University of Tokyo  46

A case study regarding organizational resilience in Japanese public high school

Shinji Fukuhata and Mika Bise  /The University of Tokyo  60


Working Paper Series in Attached School Database Project

Secular Changes in Abstracts of Graduation Work:

Quantitative Description of Abstracts of Graduation Work over 31 Years at a Secondary School

Hiroyuki Kuromiya, Ichiro Hidaka, Yoshiharu Yamamoto /The University of Tokyo,and

Shinji Okihama /Secondary School Attached to the Faculty of Education, the University of Tokyo   77

Age and gender differences of academic interest in Japanese adolescents:

Data from a baseline survey in a secondary school in Tokyo metropolitan area

Tetsuya Kawamoto and Ichiro Hidaka/Center for Advanced School Education and Evidence-based Research and

Shotaro Umehara/Secondary School attached to the Faculty of Education, the University of Tokyo 92

The Characteristic Features of Graduates of the Secondary School Attached to the Faculty of Education, the University of Tokyo:

Portraits of Graduates emerged from “The Survey of Graduates of the Secondary School Attached to the Faculty of Education, the University of Tokyo on Learning and Work”

Satoru Kiire /The University of Tokyo   107


Working paper for CASEER related projects

Working Paper Series in the 21st Century International Educational Models Project

Character Education in Indonesia and Growing Interest in Tokkatsu
– A Case of Tokkatsu Activity in Bandung City –

Kanako N. Kusanagi/The University of Tokyo  127


Olympic Friendships: Elementary Education for Global Competency in Japan and the United States

A Mid-term Report on Partnership Project between U.S. and Japanese Elementary Schools:

Aiming at Exploring New Possibility for International Understanding Activities

Yutaka OCHI/The University of Tokyo  135


Working Paper Series in Study of “Knowledge Diplomacy” and Internationalization of Higher Education Project

The Connection Between TVET and Labor Market in Lao PDR
from the Perspective of Teachers’ and Students’ Experience at TVET and Other Post₋Secondary Education Institutions.

Akiko Harada, Hisako Umemura, Erika Atarashi, Rei Morita, and Yoshinosuke Koizumi,
/The University of Tokyo  150