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Research Bulletin Vol.5(2019)


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Message from the Dean


Kiyomi Akita, Dean,Graduate School of Education  1

Takayasu Nakamura,Director of Center for Advanced School Education and Evidence-Based Research  2



Working Paper Series in Young Scholar Training Program 2018


Exploratory Study for Relationships between Graduation Work and Subsequent Situation:
Quantitative Study Using Text Mining

Hiroyuki Kuromiya The University of Tokyo 5

The Ambiguous Impact of Conflict Management Strategies on Teachers’ Professional Development

Ikuyo Oda and Ichitaro Matsumura  The University of Tokyo 20

A Philosophical Study on Evidence-based Education and “Subjectification”

Hideaki Kawakami, So Fujieda, Naoki Tanabe, Hiromu Higuchi, and Yu Iwase The University of Tokyo 34

Evidence and Resource Utilized in Material Development
by Practitioners and Researchers

Haruko Sannomiya  The University of Tokyo 43

A Historical Study of Educational Thought to Elucidate Foundation of ‘Discussion on Education and Evidence’

Kento Matsui and Takumu Harada  The University of Tokyo 59


Working Paper Series in Attached School Database Project


Stability and Change in Academic Interest:
A Panel Survey of Students in a Secondary School in Tokyo Metropolitan Area

Tetsuya Kawamoto and Ichiro Hidaka Center for Advanced School Education and Evidence-based Research, the University of Tokyo
Eriko Arai Secondary School attached to the Faculty of Education, the University of Tokyo  75

The Association between Experience of Independent Learning in Early Adolescence and Life-long Learning:
Data from A Survey to Alumni of a Secondary School in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area

Kyoko Amai  The University of Tokyo 93

The Impact of Writing the Graduation Thesis (“Sotsugyo-Kenkyu”)
in Secondary School on Post Graduates Career:
Focused on getting “Manabi-shukan” brought about by proactive learning

Maho Araki  The University of Tokyo 107


Working paper for CASEER related projects

Global Expansion and Circulation of Lesson Study
Examining Changes in Japanese Discourses on Jugyo-kenkyu

Takayo Ogisu  The University of Tokyo 116