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Research Bulletin Vol.6(2020)


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Message from the Dean

Kiyomi Akita, Dean,Graduate School of Education  1

Hideto Fukudome,Director of Center for Advanced School Education and Evidence-Based Research  2



Working Paper Series in Young Scholar Training Program 2019

Explanations of Thinking Using Language in the Field of Education

Hui Piao and Satsuki Nagura

/The University of Tokyo  4

A Suggestive Research of Lesson Study Methodology for Teacher’s Deeper Reflection by Using Lesson Analysis as Evidence:
Cooperative Process between Researchers and Practitioners

Yasutaka Kizuka,Mizuki Hoshi,Yuta Arii and Ichitaro Matsumura

/The University of Tokyo 21

Thinking the Evaluation and others in Moral Education:
Focusing on account in Judith Butler

Bungo Nishimura, Hiromu Higuchi, Hideaki Kawakami,

Chihiro Nakamori and Naoki Tanabe/The University of Tokyo 36

How do history teachers in England use a history textbook?:
An exploratory case study of a Year 8 classroom

Hideyo Sugao/The University of Tokyo  52

Reviewing the Relationship between Education and Evidence:
Focusing on the Process How a Teacher Finds “Evidence”

Shigesato Suzuki/The University of Tokyo  67


Working Paper Series in Attached School Database Project

Relationship between Autonomous Inquiry-based Learning and Personality Traits:
A Graduate Survey of Secondary School in Tokyo Metropolitan Area

Yuki Ueno, Ichiro Hidaka, and Hideto Fukudome

/The University of Tokyo  84


Working paper for CASEER related projects

Working Paper Series in United Nations University Project
“Reinforcing Societal Resilience by Promoting Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)”

Education for Sustainable Development and Transformative Learning in the VUCA Era:

Learning from Popular Education and Social Pedagogy in Sweden

Kanako N. Kusanagi /The University of Tokyo

Yaka Matsuda /Kochi University

Masahisa Sato /Tokyo City University


A Study on the Promotion of Overseas Study Programs and the Acceptance of ESD in Japanese Higher Education

Eri Nakamura/Chiba University  115